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Back from Baltimore!
by posted 02/01/2018

Just Back from Baltimore!

This year I attended the US Lacrosse Conference in Baltimore MD along with my husband.  While most of you are probably wondering which of us is the bigger geek, we both went with good intentions.  My husband, Mike Shanley, has relied on these conventions to learn the new rules changes, get great coaching tips and see what kinds of new programs or equipment are available for groups like ours.  I decided to join him this year and focus on their leadership track of classes to learn how other clubs are building the game in their areas.

This year, one of the products that caught our eye is relatively new to the sports world and meant to address a long existing although rare problem.  Commoto cordis is a rare situation where a blow to the chest can cause a cardiac arrest, and it is possible in any sport.  This is not a disease but a chance circumstance where the blow occurs between heart beats, disrupting the electrical system with tragic results.  This can be successfully treated with an AED device, but as with any cardiac event, it is a far better plan of action to prevent the occurrence than to deal with the results.

The product that caught our eye was designed by Unequal, a sporting equipment company that has been manufacturing equipment using military grade composites for some time.  The CEO of this company became aware of commotion cordis and after researching the problem saw his own company likely had a means of providing individual protections.  Vito worked with Tufts University researchers to develop the technology behind the HART® (High Acceleration Reduction Technology) protection.

I have no desire to make anyone afraid of anything, indeed just the opposite.  I was so impressed with the product that I presented it to our board who unanimously agreed that we should provide this kind of protection for the players that we saw as most at risk – the goalies.  We are happy to announce that we now have several HART® products available for the use by our goalies. 

In addition to these resources, Unequal has decided to provide CBLC with a discount for our membership. http://get.unequal.com/hart-cornwall/

I recommend that the parents take a look at the website, read up on the company and think about investing in this equipment.  We all want the best for our kids; the best experiences, the best education, the best protection and so on.  We all know that former 2 sometimes come at the expense of the latter.  The reason this product caught our eye is that Unequal has managed to reduce the level risk for our sport without reducing the overall quality of the experience or ability of the player to learn the game.  

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